• Dog Teepee DIY

    Because, why not a teepee for your dog, right?

    My husband and I have been looking for an alternative dog bed for months and have had zero luck finding something unique that wouldn't break the bank. We had this ugly crate up since we first got Tobias, but he's been so good we haven't had to use it very much. For months it's just sat there being a catch-all for his dog toys. Something had to be done! After hours of scouring Pinterest and Google (I know, such hard work), I stumbled upon teepees!

    Now granted, these were teepees for children, but Tobias is pretty much our child at the moment, so I figured it'd work. Plus, it'd be at a smaller scale!

    The possibilities are endless depending on what kind of fabric you use or how you decorate, but we kept it as simple, easy and cheap as possible. Everything came out to be about $30 give or take and we love the results!


    • 5 48" Wooden Dowels (we got ours at Home Depot)
    • Painter's Canvas (again, Home Depot)
    • Jute Twine (would you look at that? Home Depot has them too)
    • Scissors
    • Clothespin(s)
    • Power tool (to drill through the dowels)


    • Drill 1/8" holes into each dowel, about 3-4 inches from the top. This step is to ensure that the twine is securely tied into one another. This step may be omitted if you tie strong bands or rope together and can be sure it's tight.
    • Line them upright and space out evenly. Have one opening be larger than the order for the "door".
    • String the jute twine together and secure tightly.
    • If you have time, wash the painter's canvas so that it's soft and not as wrinkly. (You can substitute this with any fabric you'd like.)
    • Drape the canvas around the dowels and secure with the clothespin.
    • Trim the bottom excess so that it isn't as long.
    • Decorate accordingly!

    Tobias wondering what the heck I'm doing.

    Of course if you were a master sewer, you can do a lot with the opening, the trims, etc., but let's be honest, I really don't think Tobias cares! I added a bunting banner because it reminded me of camp and it really screams, "Hi, I'm a teepee and a fun dog lives here."

    Check out this gem that I snapped on his Instagram. Yes, I said his Instagram. I'm that person.

  • Mini Matchbook Album for Instagram Photos DIY

    In case you missed the DIY I did on the PostalPix blog, you're in luck!


    • 4×4 PostalPix prints
    • 12×12 sheet of corrugated cardboard paper (or any other kind of the cover)
    • Cardstock paper (amount depends on how many pages you’d like to make)
    • 2 small brads
    • Twine
    • Photo corners
    • Ruler
    • X-Acto knife
    • Bone folder (optional)


    • Since this album is for 4×4 prints, trim the cardboard paper it down to be 12″ x 5″. You are able to make 2 covers with 1 piece of 12×12 cardboard paper.
    • Use the bone folder (or something to indent the paper so it’s easier to fold) to fold it at the 5″ mark and again at the 10″ mark.
    • This makes it that “matchbook” look with the 2″ flap that will eventually fold over.
    • You will have an extra cardboard paper which you can cut into a circle (or use a 1″ paper puncher) to use for the rings outside of the album. Save this to the side for later use.
    • Trim down the inside pages (white cardstock used here) to be 10″ x 5″.
    • Use the bone folder again to mark the middle of the paper to make them 5″ x 5″ pages. Make as many pages as you’d like or as many as you can fit.
    • Once ready to bind together, line up the inside pages with the cardboard paper
    • Use a needle or something sharp to make 2 holes in the center of inside pages and the cardboard paper.
    • Take the twine (whatever you have on hand) to tie it all together (see photo #3).
    • Making this project with kids? Skip the previous step and just staple it down!
    • Use the brad to adhere the circles in the front of the flap and towards the center of the cover.
    • Attach twine to open and close the flap.
  • Wanderlust: San Francisco

    A little break turned into a bit of a hiatus, but I'm back! We took a trip to the Bay Area earlier this month for our friends' wedding and had to take a couple of day trips to San Francisco.

    A chilly, but great SF sunset at Alamo Square Park.

    A few fine ladies (of the painted variety).

    The Mothership, otherwise known as Apple HQ in Cuptertino.

    The amazing Golden Gate Bridge. I still have not been to the other side!

    The most beautiful City Hall I've ever seen. This was originally where I wanted to get married!

    Thank you all for making the Mason Jar Hang Tags such a huge hit! I'll be back with more freebies in the future.

  • Engagement Party: Rustic Dessert Table

    Following up with this post, I wanted to go into further detail about the details of our engagement party! We had it on January 15, 2012 at a local restaurant in Fullerton, CA called Cafe Hidalgo. The restaurant is located in Villa Del Sol, a rustic little plaza with the prettiest "The California" backdrop.

    Can you see why this is such a popular venue for weddings? It's gorgeous! At night, the bistro lights illuminate the whole courtyard and it is beautiful for photos.

    Since our wedding was already being planned to be on the more modern side, I really wanted to take advantage of the rustic decor at Cafe Hidalgo. Since we planned for just light appetizers and drinks, there had to be room for plenty of desserts. The beautiful cake and cupcakes were all made by our talented friend Tania of Cake 4 Six.

    The finished dessert table! The "With Love" banner will be a printable soon. ;)

    xo, Tina