• FREEBIE: Mason Jar Hang Tags

    In honor of le new blog, here's a free downloadable just for you! Click the link below to get a 4 pack of 3" mason jar hang tags that's the perfect size for any gift! Once downloaded, just send it off to your printer.

    These little guys can be printed on anything, but best on recycled paper bags. I had a kraft gift bag that had a broken handle, so I ran it through the printer with a sheet of paper and success!

    Next, cut them out with a small margin & decide how you're going to hang them.

    I recommend hole punching them towards the top and using your choice of string to tie the tag onto your gift. PS. How crazy is my hole puncher? It's actually a crafting tool for brads that also has hole punchers in two sizes. The smaller of the two hole punchers is the perfect size for everything! I even use it to add extra holes to any belts I have. I know, random.

    If you don't have a hole puncher handy, just use a paperclip or in this case, a clothespin to attach it to the string of your choice.

    Ready to be gifted! Check back for many more freebies in the future and feel free to share!

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    Download: Click here.

    PS. I'd love to see what you use the tags for! Please tag me in your Instagram photos @tina.

    xo, Tina